About Us

Smart eClouds provide different Samrt Suites to make ones Business Process to flow at its ease, while the management will have full control over the activities. We as well work on customized process flows that suites to ones business model.

We put forward different processes models namely Smart Invent - an Inventory Solution to keep track of the stock as well as related activities, Smart HR - with all process related to each and every employee , defining specific roles to them, Smart Accounts -to record all transactions and to evaluate the financial status & Smart eHost - a billing solution for the hosting providers to keep track of the domain and hosting renewals.



Our customizable inventory solutions can be adjusted to any business scenario including POS.



Paper less hr management solution helps the management to handle large volumes with minimal resource.



A simple web based accounts solution helps the management to keep a track on all the financial activities online.



A solution to keep track on the Domain as well as Hosting along with billing support.


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